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About First Source Inc

First Source was incorporated in 1999. We are an innovator and designer of wireless and tethered Digital Radiographic (DR) systems for upgrading room mounted, mobile and portable general radiographic X-ray equipment. We strive to produce wireless and tethered DR Technology that can be integrated into a system on site in less than an hour. First Source is dedicated to providing an independent alternative to manufacturers for imaging plates, parts, service and repair training and technical support. First Source is the national distributor of Visaris radiographic equipment and specializes in the sales, service and refurbishment of used x ray equipment such as Carestream/Kodak, Agfa and Fuji Laser Imagers and CR equipment. We thrive to have the best service and look forward to taking care of all your X Ray equipment, computed and digital radiology service and repair as well as parts needs. Call 800-349-5980 to get a quote today.

Jim Goldner, President

Jim started in the Imaging industry with his own independent service business. By the time the business grew to seven engineers the opportunity came to merge his company with a large independent dealer and then eventually to become a part of a national distributor. With his own business and these dealers, alternative service was always the focus and it laid the foundation for First Source Inc.

Through First Source Inc, Jim has taken the ideas and abilities of his associates and put together a business plan that is proving to be very popular. The core of the plan is to offer to our customers a very professional “third party” training, service, support and parts alternative.

Bob Winters, CTT Director of Training and Project Planning

Bob worked for Eastman Kodak for 21 years as a Field Engineer, Instructor and Senior Project Manager for PACS. As a Certified Technical Trainer with extensive field experience, Bob adds a depth to his training by highlighting the nonessential but focusing on what the engineers need to know to successfully service the equipment we support.

Bob left Kodak to pursue opportunities with Diagnostic Imaging. He developed, directed and taught DI’s level I and level II laser courses. When those courses ended he joined their digital team.

First Source Inc. offered Bob an opportunity to resume his training career and we put together a program to train on Kodak’s wet lasers. We then reverse engineered the dry lasers and he is currently training full time on the Kodak, Agfa, Konica and Fuji Laser Imagers & CR Equipment, along with its connectivity and integration into a system.

Ron Viola, Director of Research & Development of DR Solutions

Ron worked for Kodak for sixteen years. He was involved in manufacturing, design and also technical support. Ron left Kodak to join S&W X-Ray as their product specialist for multi loaders when Kodak released them to the dealers. Diagnostic Imaging purchased S&W and Ron assumed the role of product specialist for the Northeast.

First Source Inc. offered Ron an opportunity to pursue his desire to rebuild multi loaders, Laser Imagers and CR Equipment. Ron is also responsible for Second Sourcing many of the parts that we offer. Ron is in charge of research and development of integration kits to upgrade various pieces of X-ray equipment to Digital Radiography. His innovative approach for development and fine tuning of these products has gained wide acceptance of these DR products in the market place.

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